Main Incidents During The Trip

An incident during a trip can be a real headache: extra expenses that we did not contemplate difficulty in getting proper medical care and even the total loss of the trip. We analyze one by one what are the main reasons for travel incidents, how much they cost us and how travel insurance can help us solve them.

Medical Problems And Accidents

52.08% of incidents that occur during travel have to do with health. Of these, most are cases in which the traveler needs medical assistance for diseases such as fever, otitis, gastroenteritis and other mild health problems that, although benign, can lead to significant outlays of money if we have to go to the doctor in certain countriesTo cite an example, in the United States a routine visit to the doctor costs an average of € 62 – in a private Spanish medical center, the standard is € 10-. To the money of the consultation, it would be necessary to add other costs based on the diagnosis and the tests or treatments that are needed, being able to reach very high sums.
It is also important to bear in mind that in countries where the European Health Insurance Card is valid, health care does not have to be free: it will depend on the treatments covered by the health systems of each country. In France, for example, we would first pay for the medical care we receive and then reimburse a percentage of the amount we spent.
Finally, we must also include among the most frequent medical problems those related to accidents, such as fractures and injuries due to falls or injuries practicing sports,  especially in the case of winter sports. Travel insurance faces all these expenses for us, with very high amounts of medical expenses. In addition, the insurance covers other related costs,such as repatriation in  case of illness or death,the displacement of a family member in case of sickness or the sending of non-existent medicines abroad, in addition to the search and rescue in case of the accident.