Problems With Transportation

6.49% of the incidents in trips are related to delays or losses of the means of transport.

An example of this type of incident is the cancellation of a flight by the airline. In this case, the company is obliged to compensate us by offering us an alternative route with a similar schedule so that we can reach our destination or refund the ticket. If this is not provided, we can request financial compensation, except in those cases in which the cancellation is due to extraordinary circumstances, such as a natural disaster, or that we have been notified of the cancellation two weeks before the start of the trip.

The problem of flight cancellations is complicated in the case of trips with stopovers. If due to the removal, we have to make a night at the place where the incident occurred, the airline must assume the expenses of lodging and food in which we have to incur. For this reason, airlines usually have commercial agreements with hotels and restaurants near the airport.

The costs of this type of incident will depend on the situation. In the case of Europe, for example, the Law establishes that the economic compensation to which we are entitled in fact the alternative flight offered by the company arrives with a difference of fewer than 2 hours will be automatic and will depend on the distance between them. Points of departure and destination, establishing different amounts for each range.

Travel insurance is beneficial in these situations because it helps us in solving the problem, making it agiler, as well as compensating us financially and protecting us from changes in contracted services and cases of overbooking.